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The school follows the new 2014 curriculum for computing, which can be viewed at



The school covers five main areas of computing; E-safety, Programming, Handling Data, Multimedia and Technology in our lives, from the Foundation Stage to Year 6.   The children work through a set of “I can Targets” which can be seen in the document below. 



The children will learn how to stay safe when using the internet at school and at home. 



The children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, will start to learn to program floor robots known as Bee Bots, they will build on this experience in Key Stage 2 to start to create their own codes and programs using Scratch and Discovery (formerly known as Espresso)  Coding amongst other programs.   The children have access to both Scratch and Discovery (Espresso) at home.


Data Handling

The children will learn to present data in a variety of ways using different programs, including databases and spreadsheets. 



The children will learn to produce multimedia presentations using sound, pictures and video. 


Technology in our Lives

The children will develop an understanding of how technology affects our every day lives at home and at school.