Learning Cafés

May 2021

Learning Cafes this term!

Here is some new information about learning cafés at school this term.

Sadly, as we are unable to offer cafes in class, we have come up with the idea of offering an alternative, virtually, using Google Classroom and Tapestry.

In Year 2 we successfully trialled the format, using videos and links to the book we are reading and uploaded them for parents and children to access at home.

We also prepared and explained an art activity linked to work we are doing in school and gave parents the opportunity to share that work on Google Classroom, email or in homework books.

The response has been wonderful and families have really engaged with us.

Thank you so much!

Those who were not able to take part, are aware that their children all had the opportunity to create the art work at school and have some fun with their friends.

Here is some of the work produced at home and at school!  We had a great time as you can see!

The families who took part were entered into a raffle to see who could win a coffee cup full of goodies and all who took part had a small token of our appreciation!

It wasn’t quite the same as having families in class, but feedback suggests that it was really appreciated and we tried to engage everyone with what we are doing at school at the moment, which is what our in class cafes are all about.

We are really hoping for normal service with cafes, to resume soon!

Please look out for a virtual café in your child’s year group soon!

Here are a couple of videos to give you an idea of what to expect!

Have fun and thank you to all Year 2 families for having a go!

Best wishes from Miss Corden, Miss Howarth and Mrs Stoppani.

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