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British Values

Fundamental British Values


At Sheringham Community Primary School and Nursery we recognise that we live in a multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever-changing country. We understand that we have a vital role to play in ensuring that our children are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by any individual or groups who may wish to unduly or illegally influence them.

We admit children in accordance with the Norfolk County Council admissions policy; regardless of their faith, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, political or financial status.


Following Government guidelines, we ensure that our children are taught the Fundamental British Values of;


  • Individual Liberty
  • The Rule of Law

  • Mutual Respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

  • Democracy


    We promote British Values in the following ways;




    Our children are involved in democratic processes from the beginning. This may be as simple as the nursery children learning to put their hand up and wait before speaking, through to an elected School Council, from Year 1 to Year 6.  These representatives, along with Peer Pals and Eco reps are selected by their peers and led by a teacher who demonstrates clear democratic processes. The children know that they must take turns and listen to each other and that they will need to feedback any issues discussed at the various group meetings and represent views which may not be their own. They understand that all of these are positions of responsibility and trust. Decisions about our school are made together, after considering many different points of view. Embedded in our school practice is the encouragement of children to question and collaborate with partners, with peers and with staff and to know that their feelings and opinions are important, as are those of everyone in our school.


    Individual liberty:


    As part of our everyday school life, children are encouraged to make choices in a safe and supportive environment. We provide clear boundaries and support our children in considering the impact of their choices. Equally, we give children guidance when their choices are not appropriate and enable them to restore calm and order. Through cross-curricular clubs, and in their everyday classroom work, children are given the opportunity to try new experiences and make choices. We encourage children to develop a positive sense of themselves and give them opportunities to talk about themselves, their interests and talents and celebrate their efforts in a class and whole school forum.  Through our whole school focus on The 5 Rs (responsible, resourceful, reflective, reasoning and resilient) learning behaviours are regularly identified and celebrated, encouraging the children to value themselves as active learners. Our school aims and ethos embodies all that we do and all that we stand for.


    The rule of law


    We maintain strong relationships with our local PCSO who regularly comes into school to speak to the children about staying safe and behaving in a responsible way in the community. Our children understand that there are rules to be followed, both within and outside of school, which keep us safe and that there are always consequences if those rules are not followed.  The prefects help to ensure the schools rules are followed in and around school and all children and staff are aware of and follow our behaviour traffic light system, which has a clear system of rewards and sanctions. Staff and governors regularly review any serious incidents of inappropriate behaviour.


    Mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs:


    Through role-modelling by adults in school, children are encouraged to always consider the opinions, beliefs and perspectives of others. Our PSHE curriculum embodies values of mutual respect through units such as Getting On and Falling Out and Good To Be Me.

    Respect is fundamental within our whole school rules, decided by the children in September. Our R.E curriculum ensures broad, balanced learning on a range of faiths, religion and cultures, with a predominate focus on Christianity.  We have a small number of EAL children and actively seek to promote effective integration with in our school through strong links with parents and families, to quickly build up trust and understanding.  We have a strong link with the SOS Africa charity, sponsoring an African child to attend school. We provide the children with an understanding of the main festivals significant to British culture, eg Remembrance Day, and draw upon our local community and its faith groups to support us with this.


    Our Context:


    As our school community contains predominately white British families (94%) we believe it is vital to ensure that our children have the opportunity to learn about and develop and awareness of different faiths, beliefs and cultures.  Our children learn about aspects of life, culture and language in France (Nursery and YR) Germany (Y1) Spain (Y2) and France in greater depth throughout KS2. Through whole school events such as European Day Of Languages and our annual Multi-cultural week, we immerse the children in experiences such as food tasting, story telling, dancing, music and language and welcome many visitors into our school.