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Welcome to the webpage for Class 8



Christmas Competition

Santa would love to receive everyone's 'Christmas Wishes' at our Christmas Fayre this year.
There will be a special post box outside of the grotto and a prize will be awarded for the most thoughtful wish.
Remember to put your name and class on it before posting!

This Friday

Children In Need 2013

Pudsey and Blush would like to invite you to come to school covered in as man
multi-coloured spots as possible on Friday!


In our D/T lessons we are going to be learning to sew, using running stitch and will be making a glove puppet of our own design!

In Literacy this morning we practised using adjectives in sentences to describe this lovely looking puppet.
Can you amaze your parents by sharing your adjectives with them?


Welcome Back!
I hope that you all had a lovely half term break.

There have been some questions about homework.
We encourage the children to read for a short time every night if possible.
All of the children also have the First 100 words, given out at Parents Evenings to practise reading and spelling.
On a Friday, the children bring home their Learning Log, which is where we ask them to do some work related to a wider learning objective.
This will either reinforce something that has been taught in school or will help to increase their general knowledge and understanding.

The homework set to date has been:
L.O. To keep a food diary (Science)
L.O. To carefully sketch a natural object (Art)
L.O. To share some facts about Holland (European Day of Languages)
L.O. To show what you know about 2D shapes (Maths)
L.O. To measure things at home in m and cm (Maths)
L.O. To show what you know about Remembrance Sunday
L.O. To show what you know about Children In Need

This Week's L.O:

To show what you know about children In Need

School Photographs
The proofs are in Book Bags Friday 11th October. If you would like to order we need to receive your form and money by Tuesday 22nd October. Late orders will incur a £3.50 surcharge unfortunately.
Many thanks

Christmas Cards

Thank you for all of your orders. I am sure that the cards produced will be lovely.
It may only be October, but we have been designing Christmas Cards as a fundraising initiative in an effort to be able to complete the school Trim-trail.

The children have all made a glittery reindeer design like the ones below. Please return the designs with payment, to school by 7th October if you would like to order some. Many thanks.


Art on the Beach
The sun shone, the tide was well out and a fabulous time was had by all. The sand has been scoured away and there were lots of unexpected rock pools on the beach. We had great fun looking for crabs, anemones and other sea life.



Art on the Beach Next Friday - 4th October
Letters were sent home about this on 26th September. Please return consent forms asap. Thanks

Individual Photographs

Wednesday 2nd October - if family photographs are required a form must be returned. Letters went home on 26th September. Thank you

A visit from the Recycling Rangers

We were visited today by Rozzy Rat and her friends who helped us to learn all about recycling today.



We learnt a recycling dance and were lucky enough to be given a lovely book all about recycling.

All of the children also have a recycling diary that can be filled in and collected when the visitors return again next month if you wish.


We are working on a topic called 'Mother, Nature, Designer' in art.

Today we had a go at being 'colour detectives' to find different shades of natural colours.

We then used the natural objects and materials to make an Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculpture in small groups.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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Picture 9
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Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
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Picture 48
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 8
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