World Book Day 4th March 2021

World Book Day this year will be virtual, to celebrate books and stories we know and love, staff will become The Masked Readers – they will be in disguise and read an extract from one of their favourite books.

Can you figure out who is behind the mask?

Videos will be released on World Book Day, along with a form for children to complete with their guesses. Winners will be announced the following week.

Afternoon Tea – February 2021

Year 5 spent their afternoon amongst the highest of aristocracy at the Savoy Hotel. Virtually anyway! To launch their next English book; Kasper, Prince of Cats by Micheal Morpurgo, they began their lesson by going on a virtual trip through the streets of London, being stunned by the architecture of buildings whilst walking down the Strand. Once they arrived at the Savoy Hotel, a scrumptious Afternoon Tea was awaiting them inside the world-famous Thames Foyer. Children both at home and at school enjoyed delicious scones, cakes, sandwiches and a spot of tea whilst listening to the first chapter. Many brothers, sisters and parents were able to come along for our afternoon at the timeless hotel  too!

‘I Am A Robot’

We hope you enjoy the fantastic robot dancing and signing. There will be more videos to follow over the next few days. They will also be live streamed in your google classroom. We hope you enjoy watching them as we did making them. 

Spring Term 2021 – Music

‘I Am A Robot’

We hope you enjoy the fantastic robot dancing and signing. There will be more videos to follow over the next few days. They will also be live streamed in your google classroom. We hope you enjoy watching them as we did making them. 

Year 6 Music

Here are two amazing music videos created by children in Year 5 and Year 6. They’ve created rhythmic pieces using everyday objects. Amazing!

Year 2 January 2021

Dear Year 2

We hope very much that you are all safe and well. We want to thank you all again for your ongoing support. We feel incredibly lucky to be working with you all during such a challenging time. We are missing seeing you all face to face – it’s just not the same. However, we are glad to have Google Classroom to keep in touch with you all. Thank you for your patience while we are getting to grips with how it works. Your feedback is most welcomed and will help us to make improvements. You will have noticed that we have been experimenting with new ways of using Google Classroom! 

One thing we are currently trialling is opening up the comments on the “Stream” for a live registration each morning until about 9.30am. Please note this is not compulsory. We know that this time will not be convenient to all of you so there is absolutely no pressure to join in. If you are able to join it would be lovely to “see” you in the comments. It’s a great way to start the day and a good opportunity for us all to say hello to each other, just as we would at school. Please be aware that any comments posted on the stream will be visible to all (unlike those comments you make when you submit assignments which are only visible to teachers). This feature will be monitored closely by the teacher in charge of Google Classroom. We hope to see you there soon!

With very best wishes from Miss Howarth, Miss Corden and Mrs Stoppani.

Name the Sponge competition – closing date 28th February

Unique purple sponge needs name on North Norfolk’s chalk reef

Almost ten years after a completely new species of sponge was identified on the North Norfolk chalk reef, it still doesn’t have an official name.

The Marine Conservation Society’s Agents of Change project is calling on local children to usetheir creativity to come up with a catchy name for a so far anonymous purple sponge found onNorth Norfolk’s chalk reef.

The sponge was recognised as special by volunteer Seasearch divers more than ten years ago.Purple is an unusual colour in the marine environment, especially in the world of sponges wheremost are orange or yellow. Sponges may be simple animals, but a single species can be different colours and shapes, which can make identification tricky! Many sponges can only be identifiedusing a microscope.

Sponge expert, Dr Claire Goodwin, then at National Museums Northern Ireland confirmed thesponge was new to science and part of the Hymedesmiidae family during a seaweed survey just off Sheringham and West Runton in 2011.
Sponges help to keep our seawater clean by filter feeding, consuming tiny particles of food thatfloat by. There are over 11,000 different species globally and our purple one is ‘encrusting’, meaning it adopts the shape of whatever it covers. It lives in Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MarineConservation Zone, a precious area of local seabed that needs to be taken care of.

Every documented living thing on Earth has a ‘scientific name’ and many have ‘common names’.Scientific names show where a species sits on the tree of life and usually use words of Latin or Greek origin. When a new species is discovered, it has to be described, classified and accepted by the scientific community to gain its own, unique scientific name. This lengthy and costly process hasn’t happened yet for this special purple Norfolk resident.

In the meantime, the Agents of Change project wants to help the researchers by finding aninspiring common name; for this unusual animal, with assistance from local youngsters.Common names are the ones used every day for animals and plants. For example, the Ediblecrab, scientific name Cancer pagurus, lives all around Britain. Edible crabs caught locally arefamously known as Cromer crabs. Because the purple sponge is unique to Norfolk, the winningcommon name may always be the first choice for everyone who ever discusses it!The best name will be chosen carefully by an expert and interested panel. All the creative andcolourful suggestions will compete to give this new underwater animal an identity it can be proud of… In truth, sponges are actually quite modest creatures so we can be proud on its behalf!

Schools, or home schooling parents, should register their interest by emailing Agents of Change Norfolk Coordinator Hilary Cox at by 28th February 2021.

You can find out more about the purple sponge, and the search for its name, by watching thischarming animation. The seabed is a fun place to be! 

Santa Dash – December 2020

On Friday 11th December, our whole school took part in the National School Games Santa Dash! All children and some staff took part in the Dash looking very festive in their Christmas jumpers (and hats for some!). We ran or walked a set distance in each year group to get active with a smile! Well done to everyone who took part, you all looked great!

Year 3 December 2020

Year 3 have enjoyed a really successful term and we are now able to celebrate some of the successes. Several children have already gained their 1st Silver Awards, as a result of their super behaviour in school and their efforts at home in completing reading to an adult at least 3 times, completing at least 30 minutes Maths Whizz and their homework. Now we have some children who have gained their Pen Licences as they have worked really hard to develop neat and increasingly joined handwriting. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all of you parents and carers for your support too. If we do not see you, have a lovely restful Christmas, stay safe, take care and thank you for everything,

Miss West & Mrs McCaig