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Art Club

Art Club is open for any pupils in Years 1 and 2,

they meet on Mondays at lunch time in 1T 

Spring Term 2019
In Art club, we have been experimenting with lots of different patterns and using music as inspiration. We have been using felt tips and paints to create different effects. We noticed that when we listened to calm music, like 'The Piano Guys' the lines were more curved and gentle. When we listened to 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' soundtrack we found that our lines were much more rough and jagged.  
We are going to use these pictures to make a collage! 

Autumn Term 2018 


In Art club, we have been focusing on looking carefully at objects and drawing in detail. We have drawn our own self portraits, looked closely at and drew poppies, looked at the colours of Autumn leaves and used colour mixing to blend the colours together. The children particularly enjoyed our activity for bonfire night where we were looking carefully at the different shapes of fireworks and used wax crayons to create the bold colours.