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RE Learning Cafe - Tuesday 2nd April 


The Juniors had a RE Learning Cafe where we learnt about the festival of Holi. Holi is a spring festival which celebrates the triumph of good over evil and looks towards new beginnings. It is also known as 'The Festival of Colour' as people often throw coloured powders and water over each other. We used splatter techniques to make paper figures nice and colourful, made paper versions of pichkari (the water pistols used to squirt coloured water), did some colouring sheets and wrote/illustrated some of the facts we had learnt about Holi.  

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GR8 AS UR Learning Cafe on 27th November 2018


Wow! What an amazing turn out for our launch of the 'Can Do'  (part of our GR8 AS U R scheme).  With over 60 adults and 90 children everyone had great fun building newspaper towers.  The aim of the cafe was to promote resilience and it certainly did this.  Well done to the winning team, whose tower was a whopping 9 foot tall. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you again at the next PSHE Cafe.


Mrs Stocker & Miss Howarth

GR8 AS UR Learning Cafe

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GR8 AS UR Learning Cafe 2
GR8 AS UR Learning Cafe 3
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