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Sheringham Plastic Awareness

Sheringham Plastic Awareness - This SPA group meets every 2 weeks and are elected representatives of each class from Years 2-6.  They are working alongside the Sheringham Plastic Awareness group to help Sheringham gain Plastic Free Town status. 

Autumn Term 2018


The group has an action plan for ways they can reduce the use of plastic in school.  So far they have investigated the use of re-usable and single use plastic drink bottles and are starting to think about the many plastic wrappers and packaging items we have in lunchboxes.  They are looking forward to a visit to a local coffee shop to hear about ways they have reduced their use of plastic. 


November 2018 News


The SPA group have been finding out about how many children bring re-usable water bottles to school and how many bring single use bottles.  Single use bottles, like water bottles and juice bottles are only used once and then either sent to landfill, where they will take longer than 100 years to degrade or they are sent to the recycling plant, where less than 20% actually ever get recycled.  Re-usable bottles can be washed out and re-filled many times ... unless we leave them at school!!  The group have been carrying out surveys and checking lunchboxes so we know what we need to work on.  


98% of the school have a re-usable water bottle for the classroom.  2% have single use bottles. 

70% of the school have a re-usable drinks bottle for lunchtime or use the plastic, re-usable cups in the canteen. 30% have single use drinks. 


Please can you think about switching the cartons of juice, Fruit Shoot bottles etc in lunch boxes to re-fillable, re-usable bottles.  It's more sustainable, generates less plastic waste and it's cheaper too!! 


Thank you