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School Council

The school council is a group of children who represent their peers and bring forward their views to improve the school and its grounds. The members of the school council are an elected pupil from each class in the school.

Message from School Council

Dear Parents / Carers,

We would like to say thank you for following the rules about not parking or stopping on the zig-zig lines or not blocking our gateways. It has made a big difference, the school is much quieter now and it makes us all feel much safer. 

Please keep up the good work and remember to keep following the rules!

From all at Sheringham Community Primary School Council.


Today the School Council were invited to visit Sheringham Town Council Offices. They met Sheringham Mayor, Cllr Gooch, Mrs Fields and Mrs Ashcroft, who are councillors and Mrs Meddler, the clerk. The children found out all about how the council is elected and how their meetings are run.  They very confidently talked about their role and projects they are working on. Then we held our School Council meeting in the chambers, sitting in the councillors huge seats!! It was a fantastic experience for our children and showed them how similar their roles are. Thank you to everyone at Sheringham Council for making us so welcome. Look out for our story in the North Norfolk News.....


Our newly elected school council met for the first time yesterday.  They are going to be helping us with the second phase of our playground development plan; buying 2 new sheds and filling them with toys and games which can be used by the whole school at playtimes and lunchtimes. 

Council Update 


Report by Will, Year 6 School Council Member


We talked about the school rules and reported on the views of our classes. We came up with 5 rules which we will now talk about with our class.

We asked all of the children to help us come up with a new strap line for our school so we can talk about it.

We explained to the children that we were thinking about how we could make the climbing frame better. We will be looking at different ideas.

Council Update


We shared strap line ideas from our classes. We have now chosen several lines and we now need each class to vote for their favourite.

We looked at several examples of different climbing frame designs. We are now looking at different examples to bring to School Council. We will then make our design.

Year 5 and Year 6 Councillors are going to meet the new caretaker and welcome him to our school.

School Council Update


The Year 5 and 6 School Council representatives met today to write a formal letter to 4 different playground design companies, inviting them to come to school.  All School Council reps, from year 1 to year 6, have talked to their classes about what they would like in a new climbing frame so they have a big list of requirements!!  They are looking forward to meeting with each of the companies to discuss design ideas....and find out how much money we have to raise.  As usual, the children have shown great maturity in thinking about the wide age range who will need to use the climbing frame, which playground equipment will not be suitable for a school and also how everyone's ideas can be taken into account.
We look forward to the next stage......


The School Council met John Reader from NGF Play today to discuss our ideas for our new climbing frame.  We told him what we would like and he really listened to our ideas and wrote them all down.  He showed us some examples of climbing frames he has made for other schools. We helped him to measure the space we have and thanked him for coming out to see us.  Now we have to wait while he makes a design for us... and tells us how much it will cost!!
We have 2 more companies to meet next week.

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Today the Year 5 representatives of school council carried out a learning walk around our school.  They were looking at the impression our school gives as you walk around.
They liked; the tidy offices, super efficient kitchen staff, careful use of our library and the friendly staff.  They thought our school could be even better if everyone took better care of the toilets.

Excellent work! We will act on your advice.