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I had great fun last week at Orchestra Club, I was playing the glockenspiel, but I found it hard to keep the timing. In the middle of a song, a girl called Georgia (the trumpet player) had a giggle fit, it is all very jolly really. I was a new member, as I started last week, but I felt very welcome.

This week I will be playing the keyboard as the instrument that I am practiced at is the piano.  


We practice on Friday lunchtimes, the instruments we play include, the glockenspiel, the piano, the keyboard, the drums, the flute, the trumpet and the bass guitar.

We are about to start practicing a selection of Christmas songs in the next few weeks. We will be playing at the Christmas fate and many other special occasions. It is absolutely free and new members are always welcome! Come this Friday, at 12:10 and see for yourselves. J   

Cai Law Year 6

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