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Co - operative Learning

Co-operative Learning

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are excited to tell you about a new whole school project we are taking part in based on

Co-operative Learning. 

Co-operative learning involves the children learning a series of techniques for working together, sharing their knowledge and learning from each other.  Over the next 8 weeks, the children will be learning a series of techniques for this which they will use in all lessons.  The staff have already received some training and will continue to do so over the next 8 weeks, learning alongside the children.  So far, we have learnt 3 different techniques or ‘CLIPS’  (Co-operative Learning Interaction Pathways)…….

1.  Catch 1 Partner- the children have a question or fact on a piece of card and move around the       room to find a partner.  When they find one, they ask their partner the question written on their card and explain the answer if their partner doesn’t know.  Then they will answer their partner’s question.  When both children have had a turn, they each move on to find a new partner.  This is great for giving the children a chance to practise a skill or to learn new facts, e.g. number facts or spellings.  They have to co-operate to be able to share what they know and learn something new but the regular changes in partners means that they hear lots of examples and answer lots of questions too!

2.   Think, Pair, Share-  The children sit in groups of 4. They are given a problem to work on. First they think about it on their own, then they share their thoughts with the person next to them so they hear someone else’s opinion and also have to explain their own thinking, which is very hard to do!  Finally, they share their ideas with the person opposite them and listen to their ideas in return, so they have heard a third opinion and also explained again, perhaps changing their thoughts slightly.  This is great for getting the children to explain how they know something or to debate ideas.

3.  Boss and Secretary-  The ‘boss’ tells their partner how to do something, step-by-step and the ‘secretary’ does exactly what they say.  This is very hard because the ‘boss’ children need to think carefully about what to say and the language they use must be very precise. If they don’t explain clearly, the other child will do the wrong thing and they must explain in a different way. The ‘secretary’ is following the ‘boss’ “instructions so they must listen carefully.  Then the children swap over roles.  The children learn to say what they know and improve their own understanding by explaining it to someone else! Hearing someone explain step-by-step might also show them where they are making a mistake!

The children are very excited to get started and are learning how to do each of the 3 CLIPS this week, ready to use them in their lessons next week. Over the 8 weeks, we will be building up a display of photos and thoughts about what we have been doing and showing everyone how we have used the CLIPS.  Come and have a look at it when you come to Parent Consultation Week! 

Half way through the project we will be sending home a homework task based on one of the CLIPS so the children will be able to show you how it works!! Co-operative learning in your own home!!

We will also be having learning Cafe where you can come along and try out some of the CLIPS for yourself, with your children and hear about how we use them in lessons.

We hope the children will really enjoy learning in this way and will let you know when we learn some more CLIPS!

Mrs Brady and Mrs Carter.